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Editor’s Desk: January 2017

Jan. 3 / 17

Vol. 5 / #1

Hello and Happy New Year! 2016 is officially over and 2017 has begun. I’m sure most or some of you have written New Year Resolutions and you probably won’t even stick with them. As for me, there are no such thing. I have goals and this year there are plenty of them. Some professional, some personal. Shadowbox is one of those goals, but let’s see what’s happening this month first.

I’m making my research rounds and 4Head Portal, Spectrum Indian Wells, Artexpo New York, and the AWP Conference and Bookfair are on the horizon.

Sundance Film Festival 2017 is coming around the corner January 19 – 29 in Park City, Utah. You still have a chance to get tickets, but I will warn you that several ticket packages are sold out, but don’t lose hope just yet…..

Michel Montecrossa is this month’s Shadow Spotlight. He is a man of many talents.

New year, new music. I’m excited to see what’s out there in music. We get to see some favorites and some newbies.

I have kind of binge-watched on Netflix and my Apple accounts and I really need to catch up on some films. Don’t worry, though, because there is a film review this month.

@ The Event is touring through Canada and the next city stop is Calgary. I’m interested to see what they have going on.

Most of the last year Stephen Silver has been Shadowbox’s Creative Close-Up. This year I want to bring some interesting article posts to get your guys thinking in a creative way.

Oh, by the way, don’t worry about the appearance. Making some changes here and there. Sometimes changes are good.

I’m not wasting any time this year. Let’s get January 2017 started!


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