Film Review: Hush

December 17 / 16

Hello….I’ve recently seen this film on Netflix and I actually quite like it. Hush is one of those films that gets you tensed up in knots and not knowing what to expect around the corner. Directed by Mike Flanagan (Oculus), the film stars Kate Siegel as Madison ‘Maddie’ Young. Maddie is an author, who is deaf and mute. At 13 years of age, she lost her hearing due a bad bout of bacterial meningitis. She lives in isolation in a perfect home in the woods. She’s not entirely alone. She has her neighbor and friend Sarah (Samantha Sloyan), who wants to learn sign language and loves one of Maddie’s books. Unfortunately Maddie’s perfect isolation is broken when a serial killer enters the picture. He realizes that Maddie can’t hear, so what does he do? He’s gonna take advantage if it, but as he soon figures out that it won’t be easy.

I remember what director Rob Reiner said during Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments. “I personally don’t get scared at the Freddies or the Jasons and the whole thing because I know it’s made up, but when it’s a real person who could actually harm you, that to me cuts deeper than anything else.” This is seen countless times in film, television and in the real world. Hush is right up there. We see a guy, a normal looking guy, but unfortunately he’s a killer.

Another point is that your peace and quiet get disrupted in many ways. In this person’s case, her isolation and peace is terribly interrupted. Not only she can’t hear or speak, but having your peace taking away is scary enough. The film may start slow, but it starts to build momentum. You really feel for this character and what’s she’s going thru while she’s trapped in the situation. I like it when a film makes you feel on edge and I was rooting for the character to survive, by any means necessary.

With both director and star writing the screenplay, I feel that this film is worth watching. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, be blessed.

Hush: A



















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