Film Review: Hush

December 17 / 16 Hello….I’ve recently seen this film on Netflix and I actually quite like it. Hush is one of those films that gets you tensed up in knots and not knowing what to expect around the corner. Directed by Mike Flanagan (Oculus), the film stars Kate Siegel as Madison ‘Maddie’ Young. Maddie is an author, who is deaf and mute. At 13 years of age, she lost her hearing due a bad bout of bacterial meningitis. She lives in isolation in a perfect home in the woods. She’s not entirely alone. She has her neighbor and friend Sarah (Samantha … Continue reading Film Review: Hush

Weekend Scene: Fashion Awareness Direct

December 17 / 16 Afternoon all! Just a few things to cover today. If your creativity is fashion and you live in the UK, then Fashion Awareness Direct or FAD is the place for you. Here’s just a preview of who and what they do…… cred: fashion awareness direct FASHION AWARENESS DIRECT (FAD)   What is FAD about? We are Fashioning Futures We’re an award-winning charity which offers young people the opportunity to get ahead in their creative careers. We specialise in professional fashion workshops, competitions and live industry experiences Our projects bring creative young people and professionals together to … Continue reading Weekend Scene: Fashion Awareness Direct