Day: November 20, 2016

Have A Safe & Happy Thanksgiving…..Will Return Nov. 29

November 20/ 16 Just wanted to say to my readers to have a Blessed, Happy, and Safe Thanksgiving. Don’t eat too much, enjoy your family and loved ones!  Shadowbox is officially out of the office, but will return November 29.  P.S….you might see a few rearrangements going on the blog.                                                    featured image: & happy diwali 2016

Film Review: I Saw the Light

November 20 / 16 “You got to have smelt a lot of mule manure before you can sing like a hillbilly.” Hank Williams What word do I use to describe Hank Williams? A musical genius? A true songwriter? Lost soul? well, you could say all three. I Saw the Light is not just another biopic, but this biopic has failed in many ways than one. First I will say this, Tom Hiddleston was a great treat to see. An Englishmen playing a country crooner was a surprise. Williams’s grandson Hank III wasn’t too pleased, but who really cares. I wish he could give Hiddleston the credit for the hard work to portray such a legend in country music and what a legend. Not only did the film did touch about William’s as a great performer, but it also touched on his demons. His spinal condition called Spina bifida, caused him lifelong pain, and the fact that this was one of the cause for his abuse of drugs and alcohol didn’t make it any easier. Hiddleston’s work …