Shadow Spotlight: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

November 14 / 16

Hello. Lots of things to cover for this week, so let’s begin with today’s Shadow Spotlight on Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

From the time they were babies, the lives of Mary Kate and Ashley were always in the public eye. They grew up before our eyes as Michelle Tanner in the adorable sitcom Full House. Then came Dualstar, their limited liability company, which produced films, tv shows, and other products.



These days the ladies are now known as fashion businesswomen and icons. With their fashion lines Elizabeth & James and The Row, Mary Kate and Ashley have paved their own path away from the acting world and into the world of fashion. Recently they just opened their first boutique at The Grove in their native Los Angeles. Not only that, but the twins celebrated another milestone, turning 30. Yep, it’s hard to believe, but Mary Kate and Ashley are now 30 and their successful career in fashion is just another turning point.

How would you describe their line? Well, I would like to say low-key luxury, with clean lines. That’s what you see with either The Row or Elizabeth & James. There is nothing too busy or fussy about it. To the hemlines, the colors, it all blends together.



MK and Ashley have a style all their own. That low-brow, uniform, almost boho chic look. Some people may not understand it, but that’s their style. The twins and I do have one thing in common though, how we layer our clothes.

According to a recent article, the ladies have started seven trends, which include Birkenstocks, oversized outerwear, and boho-inspired dresses just to name a few.

The future is becoming a lot bright for these two, I mean, when you are CFDA Award-winning fashion designers, the sky’s the limit. Mary Kate and Ashley have already arrived.



Read the article 7 Trends the Olsen Twins Started by Michelle Scanga.

















featured images: vogue, refinery29, 7,, elle



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