Day: November 7, 2016

Shadowbox Anniversary Celebration Week

November 7 / 16 Hello again…….Three, yep three more days till Shadowbox turns 4. November 10 is the big day, but I’m planning on celebrating all this week, because I can. So you’ll probably see a few things happening around this blog. So if you want to comment, please feel free. Don’t be stifled or shy. Enjoy the rest of your Monday, be blessed!                               featured images: unknown &

New Music November

November 7 / 16 Hello! Remember I said that I wanted to add a few things to some of the sections of this blog? Well today I’m that just that. Starting on the first Monday of every month, Shadowbox is compiling just a short list of new music. I would like to do it every Monday, but since it’s just me running the blog, that would be a bit much don’t you think? On to new music…….   Common – Black America Again     Bruno Mars – 24K Magic     Honeyblood – Babes Never Die     Tinashe – Nightride     JAWS – Simplicity   Here are more recent releases courtesy of Digital Trends:   Alicia Keys — Here (Amazon, iTunes) American Wrestlers — Goodbye Terrible Youth (Amazon, iTunes) Bon Jovi — This House Is Not For Sale (Amazon, iTunes) Common — Black America Again (Amazon, iTunes) Honeyblood — Babes Never Die (Amazon, iTunes) Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions — Until The Hunter (Amazon, iTunes) Jaws — Simplicity (Amazon, iTunes) Jim James — Eternally Even (Amazon, iTunes) Junk Son — Beginning, Ending, Pretending (Amazon, iTunes) Lambchop — FLOTUS (For …