This Week’s Favorite Scary Movie: The Howling

October 9 / 16

Hi! It’s late, but who cares.

Starting every week of October, I’m letting you guys know what my favorite scary films are. I’m sure most of you know this film. Based on the novel by Gary Brandner and directed by Joe Dante, The Howling is one of those films that gives you the eerie creeps and you keep wanting to look over your shoulder. The film stars Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee, and Christopher Stone.

In Los Angeles, television journalist Karen White is traumatized in the course of aiding the police in their arrest of a serial murderer. Her doctor recommends that she attend an isolated psychiatric retreat led by Dr. George Waggner. But while Karen is undergoing therapy, her colleague Chris, investigates the bizarre circumstances surrounding her shock. When his work leads him to suspect the supernatural, he begins to fear for Karen’s life.

A clip 


 I would’ve hauled tail and never look back!

Hope you enjoyed reading this. This film has become a cult classic along with other great werewolf films and the werewolf transformation is just great. Can’t wait next Sunday to show you my next favorite scary film.













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