Creative Close-Up: Art Talk w/Stephen Silver 16-20

September 26 / 16

Hello, hello, hello! The last Monday is here and it’s time for some Art Talk with Stephen Silver. I’ve said it before and yeah I’ll keep saying that Shadowbox will feature Silver’s Art Talks the rest of this year. So here we have 16-20……


Art Talk 16- Stephen Silver : Believe it WILL happen



Art Talk 17- Stephen Silver : Artistic Depression



Art Talk 18- Stephen Silver : Where Do I Belong.



Art Talk 19- Stephen Silver : Your Portfolio will make or break you.



Art Talk 20 Stephen Silver : Today is your day



Great advice from someone who’s been there and he’s still doing the work he loves. Alright….that’s it! 21-25 will be featured next month. I hope you enjoy your Monday, be blessed….check back Wednesday.

















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