Essay Short: The Art of Fashion

August 13 / 16

Something new is added to Shadowbox. Essay Short. This is where Shadowbox conducts a short essay on a subject. Today that subject is fashion.


Is fashion art? That’s not only a typical question, but it’s a good question. I wasn’t sure of this at first. I always thought of fashion as the models on catwalks wearing the latest clothes, at a ridiculous price. I never thought about how the lines create a silhouette or an illusion to make a simple fabric to create a one of a kind piece.

I didn’t think of this till several years ago. That is when you look at the illustrations from the designers. Just like artists, designers get their inspirations from all places. They come up with patterns, colors, and then once they have the illustration in place, they add the fabric and textures. Well they do have people to help them with that.


Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty


The art work of fashion is just as precise and detailed as a painting or sculpture. They take the time and energy to create a work of art. I can name a few designers who have created fashion that can be examined as art. The late Alexander McQueen. He’s one of the designers that I like because of the fact that his clothes evokes an era of the past, present, and future. Another designer I can think of is Valentino. There is a romanticism to the illustrations. It feels that these designs are untouchable.


Alexander McQueen


In short, I’ve learned that fashion can be art, it’s almost a creative outlet to let others to be inspired, I guess. Fashion and art go together in ways we don’t even know about. So if you still don’t consider fashion as art, that’s fine. As for me, I wouldn’t mind if a make a sketch or two, just to see if my work of art would be considered fashionable.

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