Scene Wednesday: Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Shows

July 13 / 16

Remember I said that fashion is being added to the site? Well, today is the day. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, fashion is also a part of creativity. The designers create modern, eye-catching, and sharp designs for the fashion conscience folks. The autumn/winter fashion shows have already passed through, but if you missed it, I got it here for you to catch up. Here are some of the highlights…..

(cred: Vogue)

I can only wish to clean out my closet to get the latest fashion trends… day it will happen. The autumn/winter collections for this year have already passed by and now I’m giving you an up close look at what some of the designers have put together.











ELIE SAAB (my favorite!)

Cute how he adds the little girls into the runway!










Great designs, great patterns, embellishments, and the flair for the dramatic. Creativity indeed. That’s what fashion is all about. More to come in fashion soon!









featured & other images: unknown,













































featured & other images:


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