Shadow Spotlight: Artsy Shark

July 11 /16

Good Morning! The weekend has come to an end and now it’s time to crunch. This will be a short week for Shadowbox, but don’t worry, we got great creative information to pass along. First, today’s Creative Close-Up goes to Artsy Shark.

What is Artsy Shark? Well, as it states on the website, Artsy Shark inspires artists to build better businesses. Founded by Carolyn Edlund, Artsy Shark provides business tips to artists who want to take their craft to a whole another level. To marketing, selling, building relationships with retailers and galleries, to target your market, mentoring, one-on-one consultations, and so on.

Artsy Shark not only educates artists, but helps promote their work, that’s where Featured Artists comes in. All you have to do is submit your artwork, providing a jury fee, and that’s where the promotion begins. Plenty of it. Another way to keep up with opportunities, offers, and other notifications, you can become a subscriber. Just recently, the site has now added their new online art gallery.

So to conclude, Artsy Shark promotes, educates, and helps artists to build better businesses.

If you want to grow, seek knowledge, promote your work or to become a subscriber, go to

Enjoy your Monday, be blessed!

P.S. Almost forgot, submissions are closed and won’t open until Autumn 2016. That gives you some time to get your work together!










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