Editor’s Desk: July 2016

June 30 / 16

Volume 4 / #7

July is here…..well, tomorrow actually. This time of the year there are plenty of workshops for art, photography, music, literature…..all of it is happening and let’s not forget conferences. I will pass along these pieces of info this month.

Fashion is coming to Shadowbox. It’s another form of creativity. The reason I haven’t been posting on this is because, well….I just don’t know, but that is about to change and we’re moving forward with it.

One of the big events for July is Comic-Con International: San Diego. July 21 – 24 are the dates, July 20 is preview night. So for those going, please be safe! Unfortunately I’m not able to go, but hopefully that will change next year. There will be a Twitter feed on the event, so take a gander at that.

As you already can see, there have been some changes to the site and it will continue that way. Sometimes your web or blog site needs some sprucing up.

Lastly, I’ll be out of the office for several days. The dates will be given later. I think that’s all for now……

July has officially begun!


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