Reflections: Let Summer 2016 Begin

June 28 / 16

Well, June is about to close and we’re starting the half of the year. Pretty soon Christmas will be around the corner! As you know Summer officially began June 20, but to me it started after Memorial Day. Lots of things to do during this time of the year. The kids are out of school. Besides sitting in front of the tv or computer, the kids get out and put their creative brains and physical bodies to work. As for us adults, we take a week or so off from work to relax, visit families, and we’re also getting our creative brains and bodies to summer activities.

No poems to share about summer….not this time, but what I’m saying is that summer is not only to do activities, but to also recharge our batteries. To slow down and relax. I’ve notice that people tend to just check out of the tough and rumble world of work, relationships, and other things that we stuff ourselves with and just take time to breathe.

So whatever your plans are, enjoy every single hour, minute, day, and moment. Let Summer of 2016 begin.









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