No Scene Wednesday, But A Special Project is coming…..

June 15 / 16

Good Morning everyone! There is no Scene Wednesday today….lots of great things going on with Shadowbox. Trying to update the page, adding a few new touches here and there.

You know when you have worked on something for a long period and you really want it to grow? Well that’s what’s happening here. I’m trying to put together where artists, photographers, and writers can submit their work. It’s in the planning stages now and hopefully can get it posted for all of those who are interested.

I’m the type of person who dreams big and man do I have dreams for Shadowbox…..big.

Meanwhile I’m getting together Friday’s post and tweeting about music festivals happening this month. So please check back Friday and Saturday for more creative stuff (check Twitter for those music festivals and other things)!

Enjoy your Wednesday, be blessed ‘k?





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