Editor’s Desk: July 2016

June 30 / 16 Volume 4 / #7 July is here…..well, tomorrow actually. This time of the year there are plenty of workshops for art, photography, music, literature…..all of it is happening and let’s not forget conferences. I will pass along these pieces of info this month. Fashion is coming to Shadowbox. It’s another form of creativity. The reason I haven’t been posting on this is because, well….I just don’t know, but that is about to change and we’re moving forward with it. One of the big events for July is Comic-Con International: San Diego. July 21 – 24 are … Continue reading Editor’s Desk: July 2016

Reflections: Let Summer 2016 Begin

June 28 / 16 Well, June is about to close and we’re starting the half of the year. Pretty soon Christmas will be around the corner! As you know Summer officially began June 20, but to me it started after Memorial Day. Lots of things to do during this time of the year. The kids are out of school. Besides sitting in front of the tv or computer, the kids get out and put their creative brains and physical bodies to work. As for us adults, we take a week or so off from work to relax, visit families, and … Continue reading Reflections: Let Summer 2016 Begin

Creative Close-Up: Art Talks With Stephen Silver

June 27 / 16 Hello! Enjoyed the weekend and this week will be packed. Stephen Silver is here with Art Talks, which will last till the end of this year. Lots of advice from someone who knows the game in the art world…..   Art Talk 1: Seeking Balance in Art   Art Talk 2: Missing in Portfolios   Art Talk 3: Being Born an Artist   Art Talk 4: Graduating Students   Art Talk 5: Know What Kind of Art You Do   http://www.silvertoons.com stephensilver.blogspot.com Stephen Silver YouTube Hope these talks really inspire you to start a career in … Continue reading Creative Close-Up: Art Talks With Stephen Silver

More Scene Wednesday: Paradiso Festival 2016

June 22 / 16 Hey again. Just one more thing to add. If you like to dance endlessly to electronic music, well you need to check out the Paradiso Festival 2016. This is for two days only, June 24 & 25 in George, Washington. Want to know more? Here it is……. (cred: Music Festival Wizard) PARADISO FESTIVAL 2016   WHERE:GEORGE, WA WHEN:JUNE 24-JUNE 25, 2016 TICKETS: $199.00 CAMPING: YES WEBSITE: OFFICIAL WEBSITE THE SCENE PARADISO FESTIVAL IS A BRAND NEW GATHERING AT ONE OF THE WORLD’S ELITE NATURAL VENUES: THE GORGE AMPHITHEATRE. PARADISO WILL BE A NEW JOURNEY INTO A … Continue reading More Scene Wednesday: Paradiso Festival 2016

@ The Museum Summer 2016: Pittsburgh

June 17 / 16 Happy Friday! For this addition of @ The Museum, I’m doing things differently, mixing things up. We know that the kiddies are out of school during this time of the year and most parents want their kids to do something constructive and fun not only for the kids, but for the whole family. So for this month, July, and August, we’re putting focus on what activities that all families can do and enjoy. I’ve decided to start at Pittsburgh…. (cred: Carnegie Science Center, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, … Continue reading @ The Museum Summer 2016: Pittsburgh