Editor’s Desk: May 2016

May 1 / 16

Volume 4 / #5

Hello! April has gone and May is here. Lots of activities happening this month and that’s pretty good.

For the past few months we’ve posted about the Fine Arts Work Center’s Summer Workshop Program, which will take place between June 12 – August 26 of this year. If this is something you might like to participate, you still got a chance.

This summer there will be several writing conferences and workshops out there and Shadowbox is busy searching to get the information. Trust me on that!

I’m sure some of you heard Beyoncé‘s new album Lemonade (you may have already bought it). I’m thinking adding an album rating section on this blog site. It’s not set in stone, but it’s a thought. Meanwhile I’m searching for music festivals this summer so please be on the look out for that. Not only music, but art festivals and workshops are coming this summer too.

From May through August, I’m doing something different with @ The Museum. I would like for the museum or the people behind the museums to tell you what’s going on for the summer, activities for the family, exhibitions, tidbits….you get the picture. Creative Spotlight…..I haven’t decided. That means you’ll just have to keep checkin’. As for Creative Close-Up, we’re continuing to showcase Art Talk with Stephen Silver for the Summer. Again, lot of things going on and Summer will be here soon!

Hello May…….










featured image: happyholidaysimages.com