More Scene Wednesday: 4Heads Introduces Portal

April 6 / 16

Hey again….have one more thing to share with you and that is 4Heads Portal. Here’s a little tidbit about it……

cred: 4Heads

New Art Fair Will Launch May 2016 at Federal Hall National Memorial in Manhattan, Organized by Nonprofit 4heads, Inc.

Portal Art Fair Offers New Platform for Emerging Artists, And Invites Audiences to Rediscover Important Historic Landmark

Portal Continues Collaboration between 4heads, Inc. and the National Park Service, Following Success of 2015 Edition of Governors Island Art Fair

Press Preview to be Held on May 3; Open to the Public May 4 – 10

New York, NY—March 15, 2016—Portal, a new fair featuring approximately 40 artists, will open to the public on May 4 at historic Federal Hall National Memorial at 26 Wall Street. Developed by 4heads, Inc.—the nonprofit behind Governors Island Art Fair (GIAF)—the fair builds on the organization’s mission to provide new platforms for emerging artists, from across the U.S. and abroad, to engage with the public, arts professionals, and collectors, while highlighting historically significant landmarks across the city. Following the success of the eighth edition of GIAF in September 2015, 4heads, Inc. decided to create a new fair that will leverage art world activity in New York City in early May to support the work of young and emerging artists.

Federal Hall National Memorial, which opened in 1842 as the United States Customs House, was designed by American sculptor John Frazee. Featured artists will install their work across three floors of the building, including the grand entrance rotunda, second floor galleries and balconies, and the lower level rotunda, allowing visitors to rediscover the monumental architecture through a diverse range of artistic perspectives.

Portal marks the second major collaboration between 4heads, Inc. and the National Park Service, following the successful exhibition of artist installations in Fort Jay at Governors Island National Monument last fall, and coincides with the centennial celebrations of the National Park Service throughout this year. As part of the National Park Service’s ongoing support for new artistic endeavors, Federal Hall will open to the public over the weekend, May 7-8, to encourage audience engagement with both the fair and the site.

Artists for Portal will be selected through an invitational process. 4heads, Inc. leadership will invite a selection of artists, many of whom have presented work across the eight editions of GIAF, and request proposals for engaging with specific areas of Federal Hall National Memorial. The vision is to provide individuals with a new opportunity to develop and present their work, building on their successes at GIAF and nurturing continued support for their practices. Final selections for participants will be made in April.

Portal will be carefully curated to present a diversity of work, including painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media installations, and sound and video works. Among the artists already confirmed to participate are:

● Brooklyn-based artist Hannah Hill, whose thickly-painted works are inspired by the folklore and otherworldliness of the Deep South. Mysterious and, at times, haunting, Hill’s paintings mix remembrances of her youth with stories of magic.

● French artist Laetitia Soulier, whose meticulously composed photographs layer geometric patterns, objects from interior spaces, and human figures and limbs. Her works draw in and disorient the viewer, defying any clear reference or orientation.

● Uzbekistan-born, New York-based artist Alexandr Razin, whose mixed media constructions illuminate the process of their own making. Mining materials from everyday life, Razin creates large-scale dream-like creatures and machines that appear poised to either awaken into life or simply topple into a heap of broken parts.

● Brooklyn-based artist Will Kurtz, who creates realistic, life-sized figures from newspaper collaged over internal structures of wood and wire. His subjects are everyday people, often living on the margins of society, who evoke the familiarity of strangers we pass on the street.

● New York artist Dong Hee Lee, who uses hot glue as her primary material to create 3- dimensional abstract forms that evoke living organisms and organic matter, from the level of the cell or the idea of the universe.

As with GIAF, featured artists exhibit for free, and no admission to the fair will be charged, to encourage a wide array of individuals to participate as either exhibitor or viewer. Portal provides a new opportunity to experience the work of 40 artists in a week teeming with activity, and to reignite interest in the city’s architecture and history.

About 4heads, Inc: 4heads is non-profit organization run by artists for artists. It was launched in 2008, when artists Nicole Laemmle, Jack Robinson, and Antony Zito saw an opportunity to create a platform that would serve emerging artists and the local community through exhibitions, education programs, and artistic collaborations. The organization’s DIY spirit inspires and excites its audiences, while catalyzing a dialogue between artists and people from all walks of life. Its diverse slate of initiatives includes Governors Island Art Fair, Portal art fair, arts-education initiatives for underserved communities, and an Artists in Residence program. 4heads is committed to shedding new light on hidden culture and bringing new life to unexpected and unique spaces across the city.

About Federal Hall National Memorial: For 17 momentous months, from 1789 to 1790, the location of Federal Hall National Memorial was the seat of the United States federal government under the new Constitution. Moving into the former New York City Hall, Congress passed many of the founding laws of the nation and approved the Bill of Rights for ratification by the states. The 1883 statue of George Washington commemorates where our first president took the oath of office on April 30, 1789. The original building, torn down in 1812, was also the site of the trial and acquittal of printer John Peter Zenger in 1735, and the location where the Continental Congress passed the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, which defined the process of creating new states. The current building, constructed in 1842 as the U.S. Customs House, is one of the architectural marvels of New York City.

Location, Hours, and Transportation: Portal takes place at Federal Hall National Memorial, 26 Wall Street, New York, NY. Open May 4-10, 2016 10am – 5pm Admission is free. A press preview will be held on May 3, at 11:00 am.

Federal Hall is easily accessible by bus and subway, in the hub of the Manhattan Financial District:

By Subway: 2, 3, 4, 5 to Wall Street J, Z to Broad Street

By Bus – M5 to Rector Street M15, M20 to South Ferry

For additional information and images, please contact:

Alina Sumajin / Sascha Freudenheim PAVE Communications & Consulting / 646-369-2050 / 917-544-6057

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. Be blessed! Till Saturday for Scene Weekend!

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