Shadowbox Review of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

April 4 / 16

Afternoon! Trust that the weekend has been kind to everyone. Of course you guys know that this is a film review, but don’t hold your breath too much. There won’t be a film review post all the time. I would need help with that department. I’m only doing films that interests me and DC and Marvel have whipped up films for a long while….mostly Marvel. DC has put Superman and Batman on the big screen, but there are doing some catching up in the DC Extended Universe. I finally saw Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Hero or threat?


Like a few or maybe more comic book die hards, I’ve been waiting to see this for quite some time. As most of you know, the critics have been pretty harsh with the film, but the box office numbers really did the talking.

Ok….the film starts off two years after Superman’s (Henry Cavill) battle with General Zod, which almost left the city of Metropolis in shambles. People were left hurt, angry, even helpless. Billionaire Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck)….who has fought crime in Gotham as Batman….feels Superman is a threat to humanity and Superman feels pretty much the same about Batman.

Affleck as Batman? Cool…..


Superman has become a controversial figure among the public….is he the protector of Earth or something worse? Enter Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), ceo of LexCorp, who has plans of his own. Finally we have Diana Prince / Wonder Woman, (Gal Gadot) an antiques dealer added to the mix.

Batman vs Superman has ticked the boxes for me, but why have them fighting among each other and did the whole thing make even a bit of sense? In a way no, but who didn’t want to see DC’s heavy weights fighting it out? What really got me hyped was Wonder Woman. After reading that she may or may not be on the big screen, she’s finally here and is a kick ass character on the screen. Gadot did a respectable job as Wonder Woman, even though people still think she’s wrong to play the iconic Amazon princess.



When I heard that Affleck was cast as Batman, I thought ok…..did he have what it took to play the Dark Knight? My answer: yes. Cavill in my opinion is the perfect Superman and not because he has the body for it either. He may not be the Superman that we grew up with, but Cavill gives his unique spin and it fits well. Eisenberg’s psychotic, but smart take on Luther was whole another level. Two of great performances from Holly Hunter as Kentucky Senator June Finch and Jeremy Iron as Alfred were a welcome addition.

The plot was a bit topsy-turvy, but again the film didn’t fail me being a great comic book superhero movie.



Three against one…..


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