Creative Close-Up: Art Talk from Stephen Silver

March 28 / 16

Good Morning! I enjoyed my Spring Break and now I’m back with Creative Close-Up. Some of you have heard about this artist and some of you haven’t. I’ve had posted a few videos from him before. Stephen Silver is a British professional artist, cartoonist, and character designer. He was lead character designer for Kim Possible and Danny Phantom. I’ve seen his YouTube videos, giving advice to those who are wanting to be or already in the art industry. So for the next three months for Creative Close-Up, I’m posting videos of Silver giving what he calls Art Talks and I’m not posting these in order. You might need to turn you hearing volume up……you can learn some good advice from Silver.


Stephen Silver

Art Talk 65



Art Talk 19



Here are a few of Silver’s websites and his YouTube channel link that you can subscribe.

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