Scene Weekend: Silver Scream Fest 2016

February 27 / 16

Good Evening friends….I found this festival last night and for those of you who are horror fans, this should be a treat. Read on…..

(cred: Silver Scream Fest)


March 4 – 6, 2016
Roxy 14
85 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa CA 95404

Welcome to the first annual awards-based competition calling for both films and comics! Famous Monsters has partnered with the Santa Rosa Entertainment Group to seek out the next generation of great genre filmmakers in order to share their creations with the world!

Designed to discover new talent, unite the entertainment community, and encourage genre conversation, the annual SILVER SCREAM FILM & COMIC FESTIVAL is a three-day event comprised of film screenings, award ceremonies, social gatherings, and celebratory parties.

SILVER SCREAM FILM & COMIC FESTIVAL is now accepting feature and short length films, animations, screenplays, and comic book or graphic novel submissions.


Rick Baker – The man responsible for the amazing makeup effects for An American Werewolf in London, who won an Oscar for the film, has been around in Hollywood for decades. Baker has worked his makeup magic in other films such as Harry and the Henderson’s, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, including Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.


John Landis – This is the dude who directed the comedy-horror cult classic An American Werewolf in London, Landis also directed National Lampoon’s Animal House, Coming to America, and let’s not forget, Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


David Naughton – Remember him as David Kessler in An American Werewolf in London? I sure do! Naughton has been in film and tv, including Hot Dog….The Movie, My Sister Sam, MacGuyver, JAG, or you might also remember him in a few Dr. Pepper commercials.


Bela Lugosi Jr. – Yep…he’s the son of the legendary actor who became Count Dracula. He’s an attorney practising entertainment, intellectual property, licensing and business law. As President of Lugosi Enterprises, Lugosi has kept his father’s legacy alive.


Robert Englund – Freddie Kruger…..Englund has become an icon for his role in Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street. Let’s not forget the tv series V, he was the friendly alien remember? Besides acting, Englund has been busy with voice-over work, directing and as well as a few other projects.


Heather Langenkamp – Name sounds familiar…..come on she played Nancy Thompson….Nightmare On Elm Street? Langenkamp has been in working the Hollywood circuit for a long time, not only in acting, but directing and documentary filmmaking. She and her husband own the makeup F/X company, AFX Studio.


Other guests include:
  • Darick Robertson
  • Rob Prior
  • Eric Keyes
  • Walter Walsh
  • Kevin Burns


A tribute to Wes Cravenfilms, and more!



For those living in the Santa Rosa area, go to to see if you can still get tickets to this event.

Have a safe and blessed weekend my creative peeps!




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