Editor’s Desk January 2016…..Something New Ahead

January 1/16

Vol. 4 / #1

Hello, Good Morning, and Happy New Year! Shadowbox is back for a fourth year and there will be some major changes ahead this year.

First, there is always that question of should I or shouldn’t I go to college, especially when it come to art, printmaking, literature, music……well for those of you who are seriously interested in going, you’ll won’t be disappointed. I’m always on the look-out for new things and I came across a jackpot…..colleges, universities, oodles of learning, not only in the art, but photography, literature, and other creative forms. January will be filled with educational info.

I did say that there will be some major changes….First, instead of artist spotlight, it will now be Creative Spotlight. This blog needs to feature not only artists, but writers, musicians, photographers, all forms of art.

The 2016  AWP Award Series Guidelines. I’ve posted this back in December and now I will be posting it again…..be on the look-out! I’m not sure if there is still a chance to attend the AWP Conference and Book Fair. I’ve also posted this before and it will be held in late March into early April. Hopefully there is still room for those interested.

Lastly, Shadowbox will be needing some help. As I’ve said before, running this blog is a very time-consuming job. It feels as if I have two jobs! Changes, changes, changes, it’s a new year after all!

Let’s get January 2016 started!


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featured photo cred: wallreturn.com