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@ The Museum: Your Turn to Search….for Holiday Events

November 20, 2015

Morning, morning, morning! Friday is here….doing something different with @ The Museum today. Not only the Thanksgiving Holidays, but Christmas is pretty much around the corner.

This is not going to be the regular @ The Museum post, nope not even. I’ve scoured for museums across the US and outside the US, bringing you what museum of whatever city has in store, but now it’s your turn and it’s pretty simple: check out your local museums to see what exhibits and events they have going on for the Holiday Season. Not only museums, but also see if there are any art shows, music events, I mean you just can’t stay at home stuffing yourself. Get out and see what your city has to offer. There is art, music, and other great creative stuff going on. All you have to do is call or search the web.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and be blessed!






photo cred: unknown