No Entrees for Crimson Peak Fan Contest

October 20, 2015

Hello again everyone. It saddens me to say this, but there were no entries to this contest. None. Of course if there were money involved, then it would’ve been successful. Money does make the world go round…..

There are a few good reasons for this. First, I should’ve planned this around this time last year. I could’ve had a few sponsors to help with this contest, but did I think about that? No.

Secondly, trying to keep this contest afloat wasn’t easy. I really needed to campaign a whole lot harder and that was another downfall.

Lastly, I knew I couldn’t do this by myself, but I wanted to at least try! Running this blog is no easy feat. With a second shift job (4:30pm – 1:00am), working on this blog, and my artwork and writing, it gets hard, but the bright side: you may fail, but that you can always try again. You live and you learn, right?

So yeah the contest was a big fail, but so the hell what!