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Lit-Scene: Mercer University Press Book Awards

September 16, 2015

Hello! Wednesday has arrived and I found three flyers from Mercer University, which is located in Macon, Georgia. These flyers focuses on the Mercer University Press Book Awards. Here is one of them, The Will D. Campbell Award.

The Will D. Campbell Award
for Creative Nonfiction

The award is given to the best manuscript that speaks to the human condition in a Southern context. This catagory includes memoir, natural history, essays, and other genres of nonfiction (Note: Any fictionalized narrative or dialogue makes the work a work of fiction. This is strictly NONFICTION.)

Award includes a book contract and $500 Advance Winners will be announced each December in Atlanta, Georgia during the annual Mercer University Press Authors Luncheon

Will D. Campbell (1924–2013) was born in Amite County, Mississippi. A graduate of Wake Forest College, Tulane University, and Yale Divinity School, Campbell was a pastor from 1952–1954. He left the local church pastorate to become pastor to the South through his activities in support of the Civil Rights Movement. His later activities included protesting the Vietnam War and opposition to the death penalty. His best known book is Brother to a Dragonfly (1977). He has three published works with Mercer University Press: The Stem of Jesse (1995), Cecelia’s Sin (1983), and The Convention (2007, orig. 1988).

Award Guidelines

Two (2) print copies of the manuscript must be submitted. No electronic submissions accepted. Manuscripts should be double-spaced with one-inch margins using twelve-point Times font. Each entry must be postmarked by June 30 annually. Each entry must designate the specific book prize for consideration. No manuscript will be returned without adequate postage provided. Awards are open to anyone writing in English. For questions contact:

Send manuscript to: Marc Jolley, Director The Will D. Campbell Award for Creative Nonfiction

Mercer University Press 1400 Coleman Avenue 

Macon, Georgia 31207

The other two flyers I will post this coming weekend. Enjoy your Wednesday, be blessed!

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