Crimson Peak Fan Trivia: Mia Wasikowska

September 14, 2015

Hi….again! Had a time with this one. This week we have the heroine of Crimson Peak, Mia Wasikowska…..


Mia Wasikowska is Edith Cushing, a young author who falls in love with and marries Sir Thomas Sharpe. When she arrives at her new home in Northern England, she realizes her new husband is not who he seems….Although I have seen her in other films, I don’t know too much about Wasikowska, but we’ll get to know her a bit more today.

  1. Wasikowska was born and raised in what part of Australia?

A. New South Wales

B. Canberra

C. Tasmania

                               2. Wasikowska played this popular character in what fantasy film?

3. In 2004, Wasikowska’s first acting role was in what popular Australian soap?

A. Home and Away

B. Neighbours

C. All Saints

                                 4.   Wasikowska played the title character in the 2011 adaptation of Charlotte                                            Bronte’s novel of the same name…..

5.  In her spare time Wasikowska is an avid……

A. photographer


C. gardener


Alright, peeps. I hope you can figure the answers for this particular fan trivia. As always the answers will be revealed next Monday. Enjoy your Monday, be blessed!


The Crimson Peak Fan Contest is still going till October 2!






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