Artscene Weekend: Art & Law

July 18, 2015

Hello everyone! Artscene Weekend has returned with something we all need to learn about…Art and Law. This is just a short and to the point post, but it is very useful. Read on…..



from website:

The Art & Law Program (“The Program”) is a 13-week seminar series with a theoretical and philosophical focus on the effects of law and jurisprudence on cultural production and reception. An examination of how artistic practices challenge, rupture, and change the apparatus of law completes The Program. The Program consists of a nonpartisan community that aims to attract qualified individuals in the areas of visual art, architecture, writing, curating, and film. This list is non-exclusive. Artists with non-traditional practices are especially encouraged to apply, as are cultural producers interested in the cultural effects of law. The Art & Law Program takes place in New York City from mid-January to early May.

To know more about the program go to the website listed below.


Art & Law Program website:


As always if your interested, just go to the website or contact Sarmiento about the programs listed. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and be safe and blessed!





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