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Editor’s Desk: July 2015

July 2015

Volume 2 / Number 7

Hey there! June has slipped by and we are now in the seventh month of the year, July. What’s the best thing about Summer? Spending time with family. This is the time where we have family reunions. We want to get to know other parts of our roots right? Family is that. We need to make sure we connect to our roots, to keep each other in touch. I experienced that when I went to a funeral for my first cousin in South Carolina over the weekend.

Family is the focus for this month and what better place than to look at museums. At the Museum Kids Summer Edition for this year is at the peak. We’re looking high and wide for what kids and families can look forward to at their local museums.

For those of you who may not have read last week’s announcement post, I’ve decided to make a Summer Spotlight Artist Feature. Saulius is this summer’s spotlight artist and will continue through August.

Check out Alabama Shakes for Music Scene. Great band, great sound, all around good music! There will be updates here and there. I will post on residencies soon. So please be on the look out.

If you have any plans this summer, it wouldn’t hurt to spend it with family and of course to have some you time as well.

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