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Artscene Stuff: Governor’s Island Art Fair Call for Artists Extended Deadline

June 10, 2015

Good Morning! Artscene has arrive for the second Wednesday to deliver a few good things. First I have some news from Governor’s Island Art Fair. Would you like to participate in this year’s fair? Well be thankful, because you still have a chance!



from website:

Call for Artists –
We hear you… You need more time
So, many artists are asking for a little more time. So we are extending the deadline. We hope this makes life a little easier..
The 8th Annual Governors Island Art Fair – New York’s Largest Independent Exhibition
Gems Among the Ruins” – New York Times
Seeking independent artists worldwide working in all disciplines; Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Installation, Video, and Sound Art. Submit your work for the 2015 Governors Island Art Fair opening this September. GIAF – New York’s largest independent exhibition – will once again feature one hundred artists of exceptional talent, each awarded an exhibition room or large outdoor space in the historic and beautifully dilapidated buildings of Colonels Row. The lines between artwork and its environment are blurred across the lawns and landmark houses of bucolic Governors Island. Founded by 4heads, a group of New York artists, GIAF champions a new art fair model that puts the artists first.
Once selected by the 4heads jury, your exhibition space is free. The entire massive event is free to the general public. And as an emerging or established artist, you are free to present your work, your way, at this acclaimed independent art fair in New York City. Because 4heads works hard to keep artists’ costs to a bare minimum, gallery scouts, journalists and collectors know that this is where to find the freshest talent, and they come back every year to see what’s been discovered. Many past GIAF artists have launched their art careers here. We hope you can too. – 4heads
Apply at:
More info at:
Deadline for Submission: June 15, 2015
Application Fee: $35  –  No Additional Charges
Fair Dates: Every Weekend in September 2015
Oh….almost forgot:
Outdoor Sculptors Wanted:
Seeking outdoor artists in all media. 4heads awards many artists each exhibition space outside their historic buildings. Once selected, exhibition space is free. GIAF is free to the public. Gallery scouts, journalists and collectors know this is where to find new talent.Apply now at


Alright, you have till Monday to enter so if your interested, please go to the site and submit! Have one more thing to tell you, but you need to check back later to see what it is.

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