Editor’s Desk: May 2015

May 1, 2015

Volume 2 / Number 5

Hello….May is here! The four months have flown by fast and we’re moving along here at Shadowbox. Notice some changes to the site? Well I’m getting the hang of this theme, but there still some bugs that need to be tackled.

As you know, I’ve added film, photography, and music to the site. All three have their own artistic creativity. Just different forms of art. Some may not think that, but I do. Your creating something in the form of film, photography, music, writing, etc. So yeah there all forms of art.

I’m getting some information on the London Art Fair 2016, for those that are interested, I will being sharing information through out this year, so that way you guys can be ready. There are a list of independent or indie films that Indiewire has listed. There are forty, yes 40 films they are excited about.

This month’s Spotlight Artist is Kara Walker, I’ve posted about her during Black History month, but she’s getting her own spot for the month of May. I’m still searching for Spotlight Artists for the rest of 2015. I’ve already have June, I just need to get the rest knocked out. You may be the spotlight artist I’m looking at right now!

For the last few months, I’ve posted writing contests and conferences. Lots of these conferences going on this year. One in particular is the AWP Conference & Bookfair for 2016. I will keep you updated. As fair as I know proposals for presentations are due today. If you’re an AWP member, you might be interested to attend. Residencies are coming up, if I’m not mistaken. I will be on the look out for them, don’t forget to check up!

So be on the look out for those events. Speaking of events, if you look over to your right of the blog site, you’ll see Events Calendar. Events will be added/updated so that you can look and get information.

I think this is it for now, but if I haven’t, you know I will keep you in the loop.

April showers bring May flowers!

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