Month: January 2015

Stop the Press…..Shadowbox Is Coming Back!

  January 14, 2015 Good Evening….I have an announcement to make: Shadowbox and Wix are getting a divorce. Like any marriage, I thought that this move would be a great and promising one, but I was sadly disappointed. There are times when we can make a mistake and I feel that I made a blimp of one. I feel like a goop, but I’m also feeling better that I admitted to this mess up. So February 1, Shadowbox will come back to WordPress. For the rest of January, you can still go to to get updates on the Artscene Newsletter, At the Museum, and other great stuff. I’ll be back February 1, 2015 Be blessed! featured image courtesy of


January 1, 2015 Hey there and Happy New Year! Shadowbox is open. I wanted to tell you earlier, but the internet was down for over several hours! Shadowbox is no longer with WordPress. Most of you have known this for a while, but it’s true. I’ve been working on the site using Wix for a little over a month. That’s why you haven’t seen any posts during December, except updates. Click Shadowbox below and you’ll be taken to the Wix site, once there please click on the subscription button to get your updates! It will be great if you do….you don’t want to miss anything. There are changes of course, some different, some the same and don’t be alarmed if somethings are a bit out of whack, there are still some kinks to fix. Oh….just to let you know, the domain name will change next week. Again Shadowbox is no longer with WordPress. Just head over to the site name below and subscribe! Enjoy your evening and be blessed!   featured image courtesy of L.Richelle Murry