December 24, 2014

Hi everyone! I did say that I will return for a few more posts. I’m getting January 2015 posts ready and I’m almost finished. As you can already see, I’ve changed the name Esquisses to Shadowbox. I like the name, love the name. It’s more like a hard-edged name for an art blog, don’t you think?

The featured image of this post shows where I am so far. I’m really working my behind off on this. It’s a big gamble for me to move this blog away from WordPress. I know one thing: I’m going to need help to get this blog up and going. It’s fun to do this by yourself, but it will get a bit more harder in the months to come. So I’ve decided that I will advertise needed help. Yes it will be posted in the next few days and yeah I’ve posted before, but with no success. I know that this will be different.

I will get back with you guys at the end of this week.

Be blessed always!

name canvas

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