November 24, 2014

Hello! November is almost over and the last post is coming close as well, but let’s talk about today’s subject, it’s not long. Just short and to the point.

As artists, photographers, or sculptures we love to put together great art, but what makes us tick or inspire us to create these works?

It doesn’t matter where we are in the world, we get inspired by pretty much everything. A tv show, food, fashion, films, cartoons, nature….the list goes on and on and on. Inspiration comes in many ways.

For me, I survey my environment or where I am. I could be sitting at a park bench or maybe Starbucks and watch people going about their day. Then I can sketch a bit in my sketchbook to get that inspiration going. Fashion is another one. The way the models move with the latest couture dress. They make the clothes look effortless and flawless. Seeing a person in a magazine….ok your fav actor or actress. Of course there are other artists that inspire me.

You can get inspired just by what’s going on in the world. Even our feelings can inspire what we create, our thoughts, or just something that pops into our mind. Nature definitely has a place of inspiration. The trees, flowers….if you haven’t been outside in a while, now is the time to go out and breathe in what’s around you.

That’s what so interesting about art. It’s a passion to express your most feelings into a canvas, clay or just whatever you put together.

Do you have any inspiration to create something great?



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