November 15, 2014

Hello and Good Morning. Saturday has come with gusto. This is, I should say part one of Where to Find Native American Art and we’re scouring across the US.

Oregon History Museum: home to a vast array of Native American basketry, beadwork and carvings.

Portland Art Museum: traditional carving, basketry, paintings, and sculpture from the Northwest tribes. Throughout the year the American Art Council hosts lectures and public displays by local and regional artists.

 In the Pearl District of Portland, Ouintana Galleries has indigenous arts and artifacts you can check out.

Oklahoma City has the Red Earth Museum, which features traditional and contemporary Indian painting, carving, pottery, and artifacts. There is free admission, educational programs to teach students the cultural diversity and the city histories of American tribes and serves as a resource center.

Return back Wednesday to find more Indian American art. Have a wonderful weekend, and always be blessed!

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