November 10, 2014

Hello and good morning! Monday has come back around….(blah), but let’s focus not one but several spotlight artists as we celebrate Native American Heritage Month.

Harvey Pratt

Elsie Allen

Anthony Durand

Richard Aitson

Judith Lowry

Artwork of Sharron Ahtone Harjo.

Sharron Ahtone Harjo


Edmonia Lewis

Richard Ray Whitman

Bob Haozous

Linda Lomahaftewa

Amanda Crowe

Marcus Amerman

I hope you like these talented works of art by these artists. It’s a great way to celebrate the heritage of being Native American, from Apache, Choctaw, Hopi to Cherokee. All nations!

Enjoy your Monday and be blessed.

featured image courtesy of Winter Awakening of the O-Khoo-Wak by Helen Hardin. Image credit: Helen Hardin (U.S., Santa Clara, 1943-1984) Winter Awakening of the O-Khoo-Wah, 1972 Acrylic on board, 14 3/4 x 29 1/2 in.

Read more:The Gilmer Mirror – University of Oklahoma Announces Fall Celebration of James T Bialac Native American Art Collection

photos courtesy of (*),,, (**),,,, and

* two photos from wikipedia

** four photos from native arts collective

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