November 1, 2014

Volume 2 / Number 11

featured image courtesy of becuo.com

I have to say that November is one of my favorite months. From where I am, the weather has become quite cold really quickly. I’m mean bundle up cold!

November is Native American Heritage Month. There will be a few Spotlight Artists, along with Native American art of all forms. You’ll get to see a few museums that are dedicated to Native American art. I’m sure there are few or maybe more of you, including myself that have some Native American running in your veins.

The competition from deviantART, What Does Your Art Journey Look like will end on Wednesday, November 5. I will have it posted, but as I’ve stated before, this is the last time you’ll see it!

Lastly I will be make an announcement in a few weeks. Nothing to fret about, I assure you, Esquisses ain’t going nowhere!

Thanksgiving is at hand!

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