October 27, 2014

Hello. Last Monday for the month and I’m asking this question: How Important Is Art and Music Education in Public Schools?

How important is art and music education in public schools? I know the perfect answer to this: it is very important. You hear the words budget cuts, test scores, public funding, but art and music education play a very important role in a child’s education.

I’ve heard about how art and music are taking a back seat, being pushed aside so that kids can focus on reading, math, and science. In an 2013 article from Think Progress titled Public Schools Slash Arts Education and Turn to Private Funding by Marina Fang, Chicago Public Schools laid off over 1,000 teachers as a result of its recent decision to close over 50 schools. Most of those teachers taught art or music, but the numbers were a bit higher than that.

Chicago is not the only city slashing arts and music. It’s sadly becoming a trend, but there is hope. Not only do we want the best education for children, but we also want them to be expose to the positive aspects of art and music. These two subjects go hand in hand in lots of ways and can help kids in all avenues in life. Here are six reasons for the importance of art and music education:

  1. Students who study are 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement and 3 times more likely to be awarded for school attendances.
  2. Multiple study shows that curricular and extracurricular art studies and activities help keep high risk dropout students stay in school.
  3. Children exposed to music, drama, and dance are more proficient in math, reading, and writing.
  4. Art and music can definitely give a child a creative outlet. Kids have a very wide and active imagination and these subjects can really open that child to a whole new world of creativity.
  5. According to another article from Edudemic titled The Importance of Creativity In Public Schools by Katie Lepi arts may also encourage social development, creativity, high self-worth, and positive attitude.
  6. Lastly, they tend to have higher GPAs and standardized test  scores, tend to be more involved in community service work, and students with 4 years of art or music education score about 100 points higher on the SAT.

Museums are offering lots of activities for kids, from babies well into their teens. So we must not count arts and music as some luxury activity. I want my future kids to be exposed to arts as an outlet to create, explore, and be bold. It’s important for these kids not only to achieve academically, but also to achieve in all aspects of life.


featured image: unknown