September 29, 2014

Hello! September is about to go and we are now really into fall, my favorite time of the year. Don’t you just love how the leaves turn brown, yellow, red and orange? It’s as if God is painting those very leaves….ok, ok, but you get the picture right?

This is just a short reflection. One thing that artists, photographers, illustrators, sculptures love about their job: creativity. Their creating and making work that they love, that matters to them.

It could be something they’ve experienced at a time in their life. Something in their childhood, when they were in their teens, a first love, heartache, or even they’ve experienced a dark period at one point. It could just be something they strongly believe in like civil rights, women’s rights, any king of right. As I’ve said before, they’re telling a story.

Create what matters to you. So what if critics don’t like or may not understand it. It’s your story, your masterpiece.

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