September 28, 2014

Are art schools or institutions preparing us for the world of art or do  we need to learn by own experience?

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For some my followers, this is not the first time I’ve talked about this subject. Many of you may be thinking about attending an art school, but the question remains, will it be a waste of your time? Will you be able to commit your time and energy to learn about Drawing 101? Those are some of the questions that we are asking.

I was just asked by a co-worker if I was going to school for my art. I always answer yes. I’m sure you guys who draw or sketch for a hobby get asked the same thing. You look to see which school would suit you. Once you select that school, then you have to find out about financial aid, application fees, then paying for supplies, it’s like your running through hurdles to get to your destination: graduation.

The article Is Art School Worth Your Time and Money to Become a Better Artist or Why Art School (may or may not) Suck, asks similar questions. The author wrote about an example about knowing how to write. He went to school for this, but the problem was simply this: he spent a lot of time preparing to write, but he did very little writing, in other words, he was following their plan. Their curriculum. That seems like another hurdle.

You can learn online about your chosen field, well some have online classes. Yes, you are being taught about illustration, photography, or graphic design, but are you going about it their way? Will they even like the progress you’ve made so far? You so really want to make an impression on your professors, that you lose sight about what really matters. They’re giving you the tools to prepare about the art world. Then there is creative freedom. Not only would you be taught their way, but will they give you that bit of freedom to put your input into your work. By the time you graduate, you can do whatever. If feels as though your creative freedom will be put into a box for the next few years while you’re in school.

One thing we have notice is that art tutorials have been practical for a good several years. There are many programs to choose from. The positive thing about it is that you can practice at your own pace, you answer to no teacher or professor/lecturer, your in control. That’s seems great, but will it still be enough?

I don’t know what to think really. At the end of the day, the decision is entirely up to you. I’m not trying to discourage anyone, but this has been a subject that people have asked several times over.

If you feel that you want the knowledge or just go by experience, be sure to know what you feel is right for you.




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