September 1, 2014

Volume 2 / Number 9

Hello September……this year is flying! Fall will be here soon and lots of art exhibitions are popping up. Artscene Newsletter will be filled to the brim with activities.

For example, Elastic City is hosting Elastic City Walks Festival and Govenors Island Art Fair is returning for their 7th annual event. Of course there are more events just to name a few.  Let’s not forget about the workshops from Arts Business Institute. Not only exhibitions, but workshops will also be one of the focuses for this fall. Just check out the recently updated Education Corner and you’ll see what I mean.

Fall is also the time when college students to return to class. I know most art institutions have already begun their fall courses, but don’t worry, you’ll still have the chance to apply. Esquisses will have a list of institutions available to choose from.

At the Museum Summer Edition will return next summer and now it will be featured once a month. I do have a pretty good idea which museum will get that honor. Dave Rapoza will be September’s Spotlight Artist.  I promised that didn’t I?

Lastly, this month’s Art Close-Up will focus on a subject that I’ve covered once before, well twice. This time I want to go a bit further about art schools. You’ll see what I mean when this is posted.

You guys ready for Fall? I am!

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