August 28, 2014

Hello! Well, summer is really over and fall is coming our way. Really when you think of summer you think, barbecue, fourth of July, fireworks, corn on the cob, beaches, just lazing around with a coke or beer in your hand. What were my highlights for Summer 2014? Taking a week-long vacation, away from everybody and everything! I wish I could go back and relive that! Being able to spend time with my family, taking a break from everyday life and to just breathe. Oh yeah, discovering new artists, that’s the best.

I know you guys had some cool highlights as well. Kids were just happy to be out of school. Those bring back memories right?

Thoughts on this summer? Where to begin….I’ll say this, it went by pretty quickly and September is right around the corner. 2014 is going quickly also. Might as well start that Christmas shopping list! Anyway, this summer has been great, busy, and peaceful. We’re able to recharge our creative batteries to start new projects, discovering new galleries, museums, or taking part in competitions to push your work to the forefront.

One word to describe Summer 2014 and that word is just plain fun.


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