August 23, 2014

Hello……taking things easy today on this beautiful Saturday. A few more things to let you know about for this weekend.



Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas

February 13 – April 12, 2014

Anticipated awards which totals more than $5,000

Prospectus & entry details visit Mid-Southern Watercolorists’ website or send SASE to

Exhibition c/o Chair Mid-Southern Watercolorists

P.O. Box 55762, Little Rock, AR 72215



Courtesy of Art Fair Calender:



Let’s Meet in Portland!

Arts Festival Conference – Portland, OR
August 28-29

presented by ZAPP 
& attend Art in the Pearl on the weekend

Why Attend?
The conference brings quality people together, people like you who love the art fair business.
  • Meet one another and network with them as part of this special art community.
  • Meet people who understand your challenges and people you might become friends with
  • Meet folks from our business who have gathered to learn how to run better events and learn from each other.
It is the perfect social environment and you know you need to get out of the office!

What Else?
Spend two days learning useful information participating in seminars and hearing nationally recognized speakers, including:

  • problem solving for events
  • making the arts work in your community
  • strategic planning for events
  • creating an art fair

Make the Most of Your Time & Money
  1. Research the attendees beforehand. Make a list of who you want to meet and what you want to ask them.
  2. E-mail the top 10 people you want to meet in advance. Ask them for coffee before you meet up. Arrange to meet at the airport, share cabs, etc.
  3. Know who/what you’re looking for. Similar to the above, if you met someone you want to work for, recruit, or interact with at some point, how would you know?
  4. Introduce yourself. Get comfortable turning to the person next to you and say “Hi I’m ….“.
  5. Join existing groups. I go up to existing groups and say, “mind if I join you, I’m Maureen.”
  6. Ask the golden question. “So what brings you here?”


From Connie Mettler:

Btw, this is not an ad. I feel these conferences are important to the success of the art fair business. I will be there. I know many people  in the art fair business and would love to introduce you to others. Contact me and we’ll get together. Connie Mettler
BUT RIGHT NOW:  Click here to learn more. See you in Portland!

That’s it for now……time to enjoy the rest of the weekend! See you next week, be blessed!