July 29, 2014

Hey there! This is the first Art Close-Up for Esquisses. It is a new series which the author can totally put the thoughts about art, what is art, voicing our opinions about the creativity, the back story, all of art.


Digital illustrations or design has come a long way. Since it’s existence, digital illustration has become the norm for artists to express their creativity, thoughts, emotions….well you get the picture. With digital we see the graphics, structure, colors all blending into a story. Like with all things art, we are pulled into another time, place or dimension.  This also has some people to think that it’s easy, just like sketching on a piece of paper. Well, not quite.

Digital painting, sketching whatever takes lots of skill. As we all know by now, you can’t simply use a mouse. Duh! The mouse is not a very precise tool. What these artists can do with this type of medium is really fascinating. I would ask myself this question and I’m sure I’m not the only one asking: Is it possible to master digital or not?

More questions start pouring in like what kind of brush to use, or pencil, templates, etc? How to get the shadows correct, blending colors, what tools can be used to achieve that detail? Overlaying layers….it’s enough to rattle your brains out.

Another thing, how long does it take to complete? For some who’ve have used digital have made it to an hour or I’m guessing less. The best thing about it is that there are tutorials. How I see it, they really help you see how the process works. Your not sure how they do it, but at least you are willing to try your hand at it. In a way, it’s like taking flying lessons.

Programs such as Adobe and Corel have become familiar software. I’ve downloaded them before, but sometimes the prices are steep. I did manage to find free software programs such as Inkscape, Gimp, Paint Star, Paint.Net, and Artweaver.

The lesson for me is that I’m working and learning about digital the best way I can. It’s not going to take overnight. It will take time, determination, and patience. That goes the same for just about every other beginning digital illustrator. One brush at a time.

To see about these software programs mentioned, click here (it’s an old article from February 2011, if you want to know).

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