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The late Howard Finster at Paradise Garden.

July 16, 2014

Hello! Tuomas Korpi was going to be this month’s Spotlight Artist, but that will be saved for August. So I decided that it will be the late Howard Finster.

I saw this man’s work at the High Museum in Atlanta back in April. Finster was not only an artist, but he was also a Baptist minister. He said that he was inspired by God to spread the gospel through designing the historic art folk site, Paradise Garden, which is located Summerville Georgia.

One of Finster’s works, with the Bible verse from Luke 5:20. Hammer Gallery


Finster created visionary, outsider, and naïve art. At the age of 13, he became born again. He began preaching at 16. He began his artist work in the late 1940’s when he started building a garden park. Unfortunately he ran out of land, so by 1961, he moved to Pennville, Georgia, near Summerville, thus creating Paradise Garden. He retired from being a mister in 1965 and continued to create his artistic works. Finster became public in 1975, by the 80’s when he created album covers for REM and Talking Heads.

Paradise Garden.

Finster’s work was colorful, detailed and they were also worded, especially with verses from the Bible.

For those of you living Georgia, like me, you can visit Paradise Garden. Just check the website: Paradise Garden Foundation to get information for hours and tours.

I’ll be back with Art Scene Newsletter…..