Volume 2 / Number 7

Hello July! For some people, the month of July is really where summer begins. I beg to differ, but anyway…..

Esquisses will continue searching for great art residencies, Summer Edition of At the Museum, and other creative works to find. Let’s see, where do I start….ah At the Museum heads to Seattle and Philadelphia. Both museums have some cool stuff for adults and families.

Who is July’s Spotlight Artist? Tumas Korpi. I’m taking a look at his beautifully made concept works. Also for this month, I’m working on some special report: Mastering Digital Art. I’ve dabbled in this art form and I know that some of you have too, but is there a way of mastering this? Well that’s what I’m going to find out…..I’m planning on listing contest winners from the current contests from deviantART (I hope one of you guys entered). Let’s not forget Comic Con 2014. We cannot miss out on that!

Lastly, I’m adding a few things to some of the pages, so be on the lookout for them. Let’s continue to enjoy what Summer 2014 has to offer!

name canvas

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