June 29, 2014

Hola! The weekend is winding down to a close and so is June. We’re still enjoying the summer, family reunions, vacations, etc, etc.

Still enjoying what summer is, what it means. The 4th of July is coming in just a few days! We’re also hitting the half-way mark of the 2014 year. Where did the time go? Well….creativity.

Ok, what I’m I talking about? Our creative minds, our thinking has taken us to great ways of creating new things, for instance, writers have creatively seeked new stories to tell, characters. For those in the arts, we create another world, a time, place, things. Our minds overflow with great ideas on what our next piece should look and sound like. Maybe there is such a thing as too much overflow. As I’ve said before, we have to take the time to breathe. Let’s not forget to set a few changes in our way of thinking and creating.

It’s ok to put aside every once in a while. Just let your mind breathe!