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Sotheby’s London branch.

June 18, 2014

Hello again…..back with a very brief piece of Art Scene stuff. I’ve just recently found Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

As the website states:

Taught by leading scholars and professionals in the field, all of our online courses focus on important art world topics, including art history, art business, contemporary art, and more.

They have a 6 week Summer Online Course starting June 23. Yes, that a few days away, but like I said I just recently found out about it.

Here are the courses:

  • Art History :
    • Introduction to Art History: Movements that Mattered
    • Giotto to Warhol: Understanding Painting’s Enduring Appeal
  • Contemporary Art:
    • Introduction to Contemporary Art
    • Contemporary Chinese Art and Its Markets
  • Art Business:
    • Art as a Global Business
    • Understanding Legal Concepts in the Art World
  • Art Writing:
    • Writing for the Art World
    • Artist’s Writings: Developing a Writer’s Voice

If anyone is interested and would like to get more information go to

Sotheby’s Institute of Art will be added to the Education Corner page in the next few days.

Come back Friday for the Summer 2014 Edition of At the Museum!

Be blessed always!