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Volume 2 / Number 6

June 2, 2014


Bye May, hello June. The year is going by a bit fast. Summer is on its way shortly, so Esquisses is searching for creative activities that kids and adults would love. That’s one of the things to focus on all summer long. We’ll also take a look at art residencies, summer art classes, you name it!

World of Water Contest. I’ve posted it up a few weeks ago and I’ve just put up a reminder the last Saturday in May. If you are interested just click World of Water Contest…June 30 is the deadline! I will try to find more contests for this summer, I know there has to be one right? Right!

As I’ve said last week, I wanted to get a new theme, but not yet….it will happen (without interruptions)…..changes are about to happen with this blog. This is like my baby and I’m watching it grow and mature to where it needs to go. I want the best for this blog and that’s what will happen.

Are you ready for Summer 2014? I am!

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