May 28, 2014

Hello! Afternoon. I just wanted to make this short. I’d said at the beginning of this year there will be changes with this blog. Well you’ll see it this Friday.

First, is this theme. I knew this theme would be a temporary one, but in my opinion, it just didn’t do this blog justice. I knew my blog can look a lot better. I’ve searched for more themes to see which one would be better suited and I’ve found it!

Second….I know in the long run, I’m going to need some help running Esquisses. I’ve stressed this before and I will do so again. I haven’t come up with how just yet, but that will be solved soon. Lastly, I got some upcoming projects swimming in my head and yes, I’ll share with you, as a matter of fact, you’ll hear it from me by the end of this week!

That’s all for now….enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


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