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May 23, 2014

Hello! How’s everyone’s Friday? Good I hope. I’m enjoying my four-day weekend. During the second Saturday (my birthday) in April, my mom and I went to Atlanta over the weekend. We visited the High Museum of Art and it was really impressive!

The High Museum has so many exhibitions, activities…..One of the exhibitions that I wanted to see was Go West! Art of the American Frontier From the Buffalo Center of the West, at the Wieland Pavilion second level, which was held November 3, 2013 till April 13, 2014.

The High Musuem

The High Museum

It was everything I thought it would be. Each painting, artifacts were displayed with the attention they all deserved. It was like a treasure trove of a once bygone era….sounds corny I know, but it was. I wanted to jump into those paintings just to get a glimpse of it all, just soak it all in!

2014-05-23 16.00.01

We went to a few other exhibitions as well like, Splendor: The Work of Jim Waters, Abelardo Morell: The Universe Next Door, African Mask/Masquerade: More Than Meets the Eye, very bright and colorful, Folk Art, and Bangles to Benches: Contemporary Jewelry and Design on the Wieland Pavilion and Strent Family Wing, Skyway Level of the museum. While I was there, I had my eye on three artists….you’ll see these names later on this year on the blog!

2014-04-12 11.44.02

Go West! Art of the American Frontier from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West

I plan to go back pretty soon, as I’ve said before the High Museum is impressive. Can’t recall of going to any other museum, except for my hometown museum. Not to be rude about it, but the Columbus Museum can’t even compete! So if your ever in Atlanta and feel the need to visit a museum of good quality art, go to the High Museum.

2014-05-23 17.03.23

For the poster & t shirt: just $6. 46!

2014-04-12 22.44.16

Bought a cute shirt!



2014-05-23 15.49.15

A Go West poster I bought and plan to frame it.

Here are some more pictures I took. You can take photos, just make sure your flash is off! Have a blessed and safe Memorial Day weekend!

2014-04-12 10.47.33

2014-04-12 10.55.41


2014-04-12 10.55.46


2014-04-12 11.15.36



2014-04-12 11.26.02


2014-04-12 11.26.26


2014-04-12 11.33.00


2014-04-12 11.35.14

2014-04-12 11.33.05

Watching a small film of Buffalo Bill. 


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