April 30, 2014

Hey all….April is gone and a new month is around the corner. Just a short reminder that we may lead busy lives, but we all need to take a time to pause.

Some of you have seen some scant posts for this month of April. I need to take a moment to breathe, to get away a bit. Which is what we all need to do!

We live in a society of work, work, and even more work. The number one problem with that is stress. I don’t care what kind of job you have and this goes for artists, and those in the creative world, stress is something we deal with day in and day out. You lose focus and your health goes into meltdown.

I used to get stressed out over the small, stupidest of stuff, but over the years that has slowly changed. Give yourself the time to take a break, you know spending time with loves one, travel or just do nothing.

Take the time to pause, rejuvenate, and breathe!

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